Sunshine and Happiness
by: Scrumpy Enos
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Scrumpy Enos is, aside from being an aspiring comics artist, a fairly poor college student who takes often to nesting in her friends' living rooms. In the time she isn't drawing vampires for you all, she is usually going on about either cuttlefish, models, or some obscure gland or other that you've likely never heard of.

Though she is certainly plenty busy with her own stuff, she'd love to hear you rant about how much you adore her artwork. Her email is (appropriately enough) and as long as you don't interrupt an episode of House, she's generally happy enough to respond.

Steve: Other than being tall, dark, and nerdy, this IT major, and one of the many bondage slaves to Linux, manages the actual website of Sunshine and Happiness. This hippie goth's abilities include attracting both males and females who have the fetish for guys in top hats, pigtails, and/or mascara, listening to strange klezmer esque music, and owning only 1 non-black tshirt in its wardrobe.

When he is not having a cyber fist fight with Comic Genesis he is Scrumpy's slave driver, to make sure she works on the comic. So if there is the rare anomaly of an unexplained hiatus, send an email to him at sshaynes@gmail.comspan> and he'll pull out the whip.

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